Defining Creativity

Posted On: 01 July 2016

You thought I was going to define ‘Creativity’ here, didn’t you? Ha! I'm going to be working on this blog for awhile! There is not an easy definition, and many people smarter than I have given it a whirl. I will borrow from many others to give a basic definition, but I can tell you what it is NOT. It is not confined to a specific genre - visual art, music, dance. It is not simply making a great cover page for a book report, or adding a good joke on each slide of your powerpoint presentation. For right now, let's just say that it is an innovation - a unique solution or way of being/doing/thinking. It is solving a problem in a 'different' way. It is purposeful and useful. It does not have to be spectacular (think daVinci). It can be how you decide what to make for supper tonight, based on the odd variety of food you have in the fridge.

This particular blog will be updated often!