Kay has been teaching music since 1995, when she opened a private music studio in her home. After being intrigued by the thought of learning more, she returned to university, completed her education degree, and began teaching in the public school system in 2002. Kay immersed herself in young wind band teaching and learning, working at summer camps, beginner band camps, and building a strong, successful music program at West Hants Middle School. She was also a member of the Canadian Forces, as part of the Cadet Instructor Cadre, teaching music at various cadet corps and squadrons. She spent four summers instructing the senior band at HMCS ACADIA Summer Training Camp. Before leaving the CIC, Kay rose to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant in the Naval Reserves. 

During this time Kay also earned her Master of Education (Curriculum Studies) from Acadia University (2009), with a focus on Secondary Music Education. She has done workshops and symposia with Mark Hopkins, Glenn Price, Paula Holcomb, Frank Battisti, Colleen Richardson, Ardith Haley, and Dale Lonis. 

Kay is currently completing a Master of Education (Information Technology) from Memorial University (2017), with a research focus on creativity and technology. She also works full time teaching music and drama at Horton High School in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, where she encourages divergent and critical thinking and complex problem-solving with her students. 

Kay plays her oboe whenever she can, mostly volunteering in community pit orchestras or with the Acadia University Wind Ensemble or Orchestra. More information on her current work and her current studies can be found through the 'Work' link and the 'Research Interests' link.